The Hobgoblin 08/11/14

And another cracking evening of punk rock mayhem took place last night at The Hobgoblin. First, we had The Fanzines, whose turbo-charged, high octane selection of punk and ska classics set the tone magnificently. Then the mighty Rage Dc, who never fail to deliver the goods, and powered through a killer set of no-nonsense, brilliantly crafted songs. Bravo! 

Morgellons did our bit to keep the party going, and a great local crowd of nutters (in the best possible sense) certainly helped with the atmosphere. The west London mob certainly know how to celebrate a weekend! Special mention in despatches to Cheryl Geraghty, our Queen of Merchandise, to Dave Sprout McmanusSue CampVanessa PimbertLisa Jones, and Joe Blakeney-Edwards for their support. Plus Steve Grigg, his charming daughter Abby and her friend whose name escapes me (sorry!). And of course, the seemingly indefatigable Mimsy Riccio, a true gentleman indeed. Also, much thanks and love to Jensen and all the staff at the Hobgoblin for making us so welcome and providing a space for live music to flourish. We need more venues like The Hobgoblin, so get out there, see a band and support your local live music scene!

Love an’ hugs