Taking the post-punk blueprint of bands like Joy Division and Magazine, the frozen intensity of early Banshees, and the art-school nihilism of the Velvet Underground to the Stooges, Morgellons have created a sound that has a relevance and urgency that marks them out as something different from their peers.

The first album ‘The Memory Of Echoes’ released on Flicknife Records in 2013 received extremely positive reviews, including a 9/10 rating in Vive Le Rock magazine.

2017’s eponymous second album, again on Flicknife Records, has benefited from great reviews in Louder Than War and Vive Le Rock magazines, (again with a 9/10 rating), amongst others.

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“Contemporary Post-Punk at its finest” – Vive Le Rock magazine.

“One of the best albums this year” – Gary Lee, Starship Overflow FM.

“Nemesis’ takes a staccato riff straight out of early Banshees and the John McKay songbook: again, the dynamics of the rhythm section help enormously to lift the songs away from the ordinary.”

“Last Train to Clichéville’ is a cracking title for a pummelling trash rock ’n’ roll song with some great lyrics that move it well beyond the expected.” – Russ Bestley, Louder Than War.

“The new album ‘Morgellons’ will be a benchmark in post-punk music, and a future rock classic. An indication that a genuinely original and exciting new band has arrived”. – Marc Gloder, Head of Flicknife Records.

“With this album, Morgellons have established themselves as a band to watch, and they definitely have the potential to do remarkable things. You need this album. And you also need to see them live. I promise you, you’ll thank me for it” – Bad Reception.

“Fools Rush In’ and ‘Conflagration Boogie’ marry chiming rhythm guitars to some fantastic, melodic bass that carries the counter-melodies really well in a JJ Burnel-esque kind of way.”

“All in all, this is an intelligent and well-considered set of songs, bringing some of the best themes of UK ‘post-punk’ back to the fore at a time when they are sorely needed in a saturated and deeply stereotypical punk scene.” – Russ Bestley, Louder Than War.

Morgellons are:
Vincent Mahon – Vocals
Mark Geraghty – Bass
Josh Pinto – Guitar
Mannie Zerafa – Drums



Flicknife Records/MG2MUSIC